Donna J Slatton


Donna J Slatton is a Master Pilates Instructor and Owner of House of Zen Pilates and Wellness in Marina del Rey, California. She has passionately practiced Pilates for over 25yrs and is certified from Core Pilates NYC, Equinox, and Speir-LA. 

Donna is passionate about wellness and helping her Clients find their own balance. She understands and has compassion for injury and chronic conditions. After a life changing spine injury from a wreck and C5 disc replaced, Donna’s practice of Pilates and Yoga is a remarkable testimony of a strong body and healthy mind. 

She teaches Classical Pilates with an Athletic Hybrid – some props, tons of stretching, and a lot of laughs! 

We will take Pilates mat to the next level with diverse classes, all levels welcome and strategic muscle target stretching throughout. You will achieve a stronger core, balanced mind, body, and spirit with rapid results.